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OTR cryptocurrency homomorphic tls web

Jay Freeman, a bug hunter, awarded 2 million dollar for an ETH platform bug. 1

Robert Heaton published a 4-part series on how OTR (Off-The-Record) messaging protocol leverage the priniciple of most privileges in the construct. 2

Ivan Ristić has released the 2nd edition of Bulletproof TLS and PKI which, unsurprisingly, included TLS 1.3. 3

PortSwigger published their yearly top 10 web hacking techniques for 2021. 4

Researchers from NCSU found a side-channel attack against Microsoft SEAL Homomorphic Encryption Library via with a single power measurement. 5

1. Attacking an Ethereum L2 with Unbridled Optimism - Jay Freeman (saurik) (www.saurik.com)

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2. Off-The-Record Messaging part 1: the problem with PGP | Robert Heaton (robertheaton.com)
3. Ivan Ristić: Bulletproof TLS and PKI, Second Edition is out (blog.ivanristic.com)

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4. Top 10 web hacking techniques of 2021 | PortSwigger Research (portswigger.net)

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5. Researchers Show They Can Steal Data During Homomorphic Encryption | NC State News (news.ncsu.edu)

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