Episode #18

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amd phrack web trusted type APT

AMD, Phrack, Web, Trusted Type, Russian

1. CVE-2021-26333. AMD Chipset Driver Information Disclosure Vulnerability (zeroperil.co.uk)


2. Phrack #70 (phrack.org)

It’s five years since the previous issue was released.

3. 10 Types of Web Vulnerabilities that are Often Missed (detectify.com)

Quoted: “They are one step above the standard OWASP top 10 either because they have some obscure delivery method, commonly misunderstood, or often missed.”

4. @kkotowicz explaining why Trusted Types can stop DOM XSS in jQuery (twitter.com/kkotowicz)


5. Google Blocked Russian Government Phishing Emails Targeting 14,000 Users (vice.com)